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Egg white nutrition facts

The debate on benefits of eating whole egg has been going on for years and not over yet. Some people say that eggs are not at all good for health; especially for heart because eggs are high in cholesterol. While others say that egg is a rich source of protein which is essential for good health and hence one should eat egg daily.  While we keep the controversy aside, truth is that benefits of egg outweigh negative effects; provided you remove the yolk from it altogether. The most common question that arises in this case is how many calories in egg white? Is it important? Yes! But to some extent… you must focus on protein in egg white as well and a lot more that you may get. All such useful information is given below.


Egg white is good for heart

As per daily diet recommendations, a healthy body requires intake of around 300mg cholesterol. When a single egg contains 220mg of cholesterol, which is all in the yolk then what about everything else you might be taking rest of the day? Therefore, eating egg white alone is a good option to lower risks of getting heart disease.

Gives a protein punch

Full egg has 6g protein, of which >50 percent is in white part. Hence, eating egg white means pure protein and zero fat! Provided you haven’t used much oil or butter in frying it. If you’re a workout enthusiast, then you’ll feel good to know that protein in egg white can help you build muscles.

Can help cut-down calorie intake

Ever wonder how many calories in egg white? Well! A full egg has around 70 calories with 54 calories being concentrated in yolk. Wow! Isn’t it great to cut down 54 calories right away? Egg white has just 16 calories, so consuming it alone does make sense. Next time, in all your recipes that require more than one egg, make sure to separate yolks so that you may cut around 50% of the calories.

No worries regarding fat content

Egg white is naturally low in fat content of all types. It is for this reason that these make a good and in fact healthier choice for individuals desirous of having more of protein and low-fat food.

Rich source of minerals

Egg white is enriched with important minerals including calcium, phosphorus, and varied amino acid.

The bottom-line is that no matter if you are an egg lover or not, the above mentioned health facts; specifically about egg whites will surely grab your attention. As a matter of fact, yolk is naturally a part of egg and does contain some essential nutrients. Therefore, it is good idea if you decide not removing it completely. In fact, as a general rule, you can have it once in a week.

Whatever you choose to opt for, just stick to it and don’t make random or prolonged switches too often because such routine so can bring negative effects as a whole.

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