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Exercises to get rid of love handles

LOVE HANDLES! Not much loved anyhow… these are the shaky bits you just cannot just shift on the sides of your body. It really feels bad to look in the mirror and see those bulges through the clothes. Although you may try dressing-up to look flatter but still to get rid of these love handles is far better than disguising the body as a whole.

No matter what, the problem is that even a toned abdomen doesn’t guarantee to be ruled out from having love handles. In fact, you may still have an excess fat around sides which simply refuses to budge and bulges instead. That such entire scenario requires you to burn belly fat and streamline figure.

Getting rid of love handles is not as painful chore as it is made to be.  In fact there are some Best exercises to get rid of love handles, both; quickly and easily.

A trio of Best exercises to get rid of love handles

Side Twists

These can work wonders though but often remain neglected exercise in most of the routines customized to get rid of love handles. For that, just get a stick or short pole and rest it along your shoulders behind the head with your hands on either end. Now, twist your torso starting from one side to the other but be advised to keep it at a slow pace. The pole or stick will help you to maintain a straight back and legs. Make sure to keep your hips facing forward and not let them twist throughout the exercise. Else, you may not get the desired result but end-up getting injured instead. You may take a start with 2 sets of just 20 repetitions.

Side Bends

Take dumbbells and hold them one in each hand by your sides. Your feet should face forward and must be shoulder-width apart. Without curling your back forward, gradually bend torso to one side till you feel a sight stretch in side muscles. Then, straighten your back up to the start position and repeat the exercise while going the other way. This one cycle of movement from the left side towards right and back to middle makes 1 repetition. You may start with 2 sets of just 10 repetitions while using light dumbbells.

Twisting Crunches

This is one of the excellent exercises to get rid of love handles. All you need to do is that lay with your back on floor, bend knees and keep feet flat on the floor. Cross your one leg over the other in a resting position placed on opposite knee. Keep hands on the side of head and then slowly crunch abdominal muscle as if you were trying to lift chest towards the ceiling. As soon as you reach apex of crunch, just twist your torso towards knee, which is lifted off the floor. Finally, roll your torso back to start position and continue with repetition for the desired number.

Be advised that the numbers are not so important here but the form that you maintain during the exercise. Typically, people pull on their head and bend their back during exercise which increases risk of injury ends with ZERO results.

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