Fitness On-Demand – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send a questions to Total Health HQ?

Login to the web or mobile version and choose ASK a Support Question. This provides us with information to access your account and answer quickly.

How do I subscribe?

Create an account if you haven’t already, then:

From your computer browser, go to the Subscriptions screen and click Subscribe for Plus. Choose monthly or yearly, enter your details and process the subscription. Access will be immediate on all platforms.

From your iOS or Android device, go to the Subscriptions screen and choose the access level, monthly or yearly, enter your details and confirm.

All subscriptions are auto-renewing. See the question below for managing your account after subscribing.

How do I manage my account to turn-off or turn-on the auto-renew?

Don’t worry, you control your own account at all times:

-If you subscribed on your iOS device, turn off or on Auto-Renew in your iTunes account, under manage subscriptions. Your iTunes account can be accessed using the iTunes app or iTunes on your computer.

-If you subscribed on the Web or Android, login from your computer browser, choose Subscriptions from the Account menu on the top-right and subscribe or cancel there.

How much does Fitness On-Demand cost?

Fitness On-Demand on the web and in the U.S. App Store and U.S. Google Play mobile apps are $14.99 per month  This is a recurring subscriptions and can be turned on/off (see question above).

How do I reset my password?

If you’re not logged in, choose Login, then choose Forgot/Reset Password. Enter your registered email address and you’ll get a temporary one or a reset link.


Does FitnessBuilder work on Apple Watch?

Yes. You’ll need the latest version of both FitnessBuilder and iOS on your iPhone.

I switched to an Android or iOS device, can I access my account and content on there?

Any subscription is available on iOS, Android (and the web) as long as you login with your same account.


Do I need internet access to use FitnessClass?

iPad users only need internet to download and stream classes. After a class has been downloaded, it will be available if you don’t have internet access. You do need internet to use FitnessClass on Android and the web.

How do I watch the videos on my TV set?

With any iPad you can use Apple TV to stream the videos. With iPad 2 and later, you can use the HDMI cable to connect directly to your TV.

If you have an Android device or computer connected to your TV, you can also play your ClassPass™ videos on the larger screen.