Build Your Own Home Gym

Is it hard to find time to get to the gym, but you still want to live a healthier life? Try working out from home.


The Best Home Fitness Equipment Solution is Waiting for You!

It always seems as if there is never enough time to work out. When you workout at home there seems to never be enough space to store all of that bulky equipment.  We bring you a range of compact home gym essentials that you can easily pick up and use, then store away in a compact space. Be smart when you buy home gym equipment, and let your journey back to a healthy and fit you the jumpstart it needs.

Why Total Health HQ?

Total Health HQ is comprised of a group of fitness experts who understand what it means to get back in shape after a long period of neglecting their health.  When it’s hard to find the time, money, space or any other excuse not to start we provide solutions that solve these problems and give you opportunities to build you affordable home gym with equipment that is effective and allows you to see amazing changes in no time.

Place your order, sit back, relax and wait for your gym equipment to reach your front door!

Home Gym Essentials

Other Commonly Needed Items

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