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Nutritional value of avocado

Avocado which is often referred to as “Alligator pear” is choke-full with nutrition and health benefits. This is why it is best recommended to make it a part of daily or at-least weekly diet routine. Apparently green in color, avocado fruit is mainly grown in tropical and semi-tropical areas around the globe. Only a few other fruits can be matched with that of an avocado nutrition but unfortunately not many people are aware of this fact.  The tasty avocados are good enough when eaten raw or you can add them to salads as well.


Avocado nutritional value       


When we talk about avocado nutrition, one medium avocado has almost 300 nutrients packed in it. Some of most important among them are discussed below.


Naturally enriched with vitamins


Avocado fruit contains considerable amounts of all essential vitamins together with primary & trace minerals. It has got vitamin B which is good for healthy nervous system and improves metabolism. It is further good in having Vitamin C & D which are necessary for healthy bones & teeth, immunity, and to remove toxins.


Important Minerals


Importance of avocado nutrition is not limited to vitamins but extends to minerals as well. It has got mineral which are important for healthy heart, muscles and nervous system. It is said that one small avocado is simply enough to meet the recommended daily need of potassium; whereas, a medium size avocado fulfils half the need of daily recommended magnesium and 1/3 of calcium.


Avocado nutrition and health benefits


Avocado has trace amounts of copper as well which is good for health. Also, this awesome fruit has plant pigments called carotenoids which yield potent antioxidants when metabolized. Therefore, they are able to enhance immunity and help to combat common illnesses.  Avocados are naturally enriched with considerable percentage of lutein, which help preventing eye diseases. The results of scientific research studies indicate that benefits of lutein obtained from food source outweigh that obtained from a supplement.


Numerous studies are still going on and constantly being launched around the world to discover more about this wonder fruit and avocado nutritional value. One such study reveals that avocados may play an important role in preventing diseases caused by common microorganisms. The point to be noted is, it is not a theory but research proven that avocados contain antibacterial properties.


That said, you would definitely agree with the fact that avocado nutritional value is noteworthy and this is why the avocado fruit can prove to be an excellent addition to your daily diet. It was once thought to be unhealthy just because of extra focus on its fat content rather than avocado nutrition as a whole.


However, avocado fruit is now regarded as most nutritious fruit available up on the market these days. No doubt that the vitamins and minerals as mentioned above can be found in other fruits as well but one single fruit having all in it is what makes avocado stand out from the rest. Make sure you don’t miss it out!

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