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Aerobic exercises are among some of the most common exercise routines around the world. These are different from conventional weight training exercises and great to keep you fit, and far from injuries. Moreover, aerobic exercises do not require any specialized equipment but just light training.

All you need to perform this set of exercises is consistency and tracking. Afterward, if you intend to move on to the advanced level, then you can try using equipment like stability ball etc. It is always good to perform it in a group while listening to your favorite music. Doing so will help you to develop rhythm and strengthen coordination. Also, music helps to keep you active and the changing beats reduce the feeling of monotony in exercise. Aerobic exercises are further great to keep you fit as they involve the whole body.

What’s best about aerobic exercises?

It is not just one thing aerobic exercises are famous for. In fact, there is a lot more and all so good. Aerobic exercises are classified as low impact exercises and mostly taken up by the women. However, they are important for men as well and equally effective for sure.

Some benefits of aerobics exercises

  • A good warm-up session prior to performing other exercises.
  • Involves entire body
  • Has less chance of injuries.
  • Improves flexibility
  • Effectively develops rhythm along-with improved coordination.
  • Works on body parts that are important though but often neglected
  • Helps developing firm body with great balance.
  • Good for cardio system.
  • Increases stamina.
  • Doesn’t require any special equipment.
  • Develops interest by reducing the monotony of the normal exercise

Most popular aerobic exercises

Cardio workouts are the most popular aerobic exercise that purely emphasizes on your heart rate. Therefore, it is fairly important to keep a check on the intensity of workouts and duration as well. To improve your cardio system you may perform any one or mix of two from the simple aerobics such as swimming, jogging, brisk walking, rowing, and cycling or even step aerobics. The best part of these is you can try cardio workouts at home without compromising the results.

Cardio workouts can improve oxygen supply to the body and blood circulation. Together these work to improve heart rate and strengthen muscles. In turn, muscles produce energy and hence it is not just good for cardio but respiratory system as well. Both of these systems are vital for health and enhance immunity is maintained in good condition.

Still, wonder what aerobic exercise is…?

To keep it simple! Aerobic exercise is long duration but low-intensity activity that increases oxygen consumption in the body makes heart and lungs to work harder, which results in increased endurance.

To conclude, aerobic exercises are a key ingredient to have a healthy body. Besides, these are simply perfect to relieve stress and anxiety. At last but not least, aerobic exercise is one of the best high impact cardio workouts that you may do!

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