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Eating right has created a great hype… People are quite often seen asking if they really need to eat after workouts and if yes then what would be best to eat… Well! After workout meal is way more important than the workout itself and it is said to be an ideal time when you should load up your body with nutrients to help to get a quick recovery. However, what could make sure whether you are getting all you need or not?

A few things any after workout meal must have           

Although one size fits all… isn’t true in this case; however, a punch of following 5 nutrients is almost essential for everyone: protein, carbohydrates, a moderate amount of fat, water and also the electrolytes. If you need to pinpoint after workout meal exactly then be advised that it would depend on a few things like… your training goals, the intensity of workout, taste preferences and allergies, if any.

For those who want to know…How much protein after a workout?        

All such people who have been lifting weights better know the importance of taking protein after work out. But the thing is… what is the best source to get the protein? Be advised that plant-based protein is best recommended in this context. For instance, you can opt for hemp which has some other useful nutrients as well besides having protein. Now how much protein after workout… to be exact? It would be great if you can ensure an intake of 20-40g of protein while considering the intensity of your workout and individual factors.

When it is best recommended to drink protein shakes… before or after a workout?

It is ideally recommended to drink protein shakes immediately after work-out. At that time, amino acids can get into the muscles much faster because these are absorbed rapidly by your digestive system. A few other good sources of protein include; eggs and white meat that can provide an adequate amount of proteins to build lean muscles. All this is because protein helps you with a faster recovery…

What else could be included in after workout meals?

Ever get bored of drinking shakes? You can switch over to solid meals enriched with carbohydrates because they are as good and important as proteins. Having carbs after a workout is mainly because of 2 reasons… Firstly! Carbs can effectively replenish muscle glycogen that is otherwise lost during the workout and hence give you energy required for the next workout. Also, carbs potentiate insulin which is an anabolic agent (helps storing energy). For instance, you can take honey which is the source of carbs for post workout.

One of the least discussed nutrients that can work wonder if taken after workouts is water. It makes up a significant portion of your body mass and helps in varied metabolic reactions occurring within the body. If is not that just sweating is responsible for water loss but energy production in the body also utilizes water. So, there is not much you need to have and make it done!

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